Monday, December 26, 2005

AJAX Office Review ...

Innerphaze has done a good review of AJAX office offerings; they have reviewed - gOffice , ThinkFree Office , Writely, Zoho Writer, 37Signals' Writeboard and EyeOS.

Some excerpts are below:
"One of the most exciting developments in Web2.0 for me is the development of online word processors that utilize some form of Ajax or other type of advanced web programming. I lump these services together under the tag “ajaxOffice ,” (1) and that is the term I use to describe these services. This may not be the most precise term for all of these services, but it captures the essence of new web services replacing desktop software, and it sounds much better than “web2.0 Office.” These web services all have their strengths,weaknesses and quirks. Most of them get the job done in terms of processing text via an internet connection. Three out of the six deliver word processing that is compatible with MS Word, OpenOffice, and exportable to pdf. Three of them also offer RSS feeds for the documents. From what I have seen it seems like each service is targeting slightly different user groups. Writely Zoho Writer aim for the web savvy crowd, Thinkfree is aiming at the corporate types, gOffice seems to target the computer/web beginners. These apps have been tried out on Firefox 1.0.7 on Windows XP Pro and Ubuntu Linux 5.10. In the following post I will review (in no particular order) gOffice, Thinkfree Writer, Writely, Zoho Writer, WriteBoard, and EyeOS. All of these services are relatively new and are adding features all the time. I will just focus on word processing in this review, since that is the one application shared by all of these services."


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