Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Municator: Micro Linux PC reports:

This is an awesome product! It is a 146$ Linux computer (Thinix OS) from China that does all the basic things most people need, like browsing (firefox), emailing (thunderbird), instant messaging (gaim), skype, word processing (Red Office), audio/video playback (mplayer), e-learning, all through a very user-friendly very basic interface and is software upgradable. It has got 40GB, a 400mhz/800mhz Godson 2C processor, 256mb ram, 4 usb2 ports, VGA-output, ps2 input, tv-output and weigths something like 400 grams. Their slogan is “Say no to Wintel”.

More information about the Municator can be found at

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