Saturday, October 14, 2006

MapMyIndia - pretty cool

MapMyIndia is pretty cool. The idea of finding online directions in India, is kinda cool.

Here are the goodies:
a. I could find the directions!!
b. The interface looks pretty usable
c. Nice AJAX UI, very well done (you can drag the map in any direction)
d. Site is pretty fast, and consistently works

Here are some improvement areas:
a. Doesn't work well with FireFox
b. The directions (in my search) didn't come in one page - the
space on the page needs to be used effectively
c. The UI needs to get better

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Anonymous shashi prakash said...

MapmyIndia v-2007 is just like Google Maps/Yahoo Maps. In fact, even better, MapmyIndia is focused on India. Visit today.

If you want to see your house on a map (the street actually), visit MapmyIndia (

This is an Indian company's initiative at creating an internet map site that will come up and do as much as Google and Mapquest has done. We're also adding an Indian twist to the things we do. Check out this concept called 'eLocation' MapmyIndia has introduced.

eLocation allows you to get maps and directions to a peron's place, and the cool thing is that it gives you the directions in the words of that person (take a left after you see a panwallah, go inside that gate...u know, how people explani directions in India).

Search for this sample elocation and you'll see what I mean. The id is: mapmyindia

Looking forward to your comments on the blog or through mail (my email address is:

Thanks and hope you can enjoy India in much much more detail =)
Shashi Prakash (on behalf of the MapmyIndia team)

3:00 PM  

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