Tuesday, December 19, 2006

SMS and other mobile applications -

Very interesting news from around the world:

IDT Internet Mobile Group's market research firm reports that -
"the worldwide mobile content market will grow from $16.7B in 2003 to $78B by 2007."
Textually.com reports "Using text message to send cash" in Phillipines:
Smart Communications, the system of using text messages to transfer cash now delivers at least $50 million a month to families in the Philippines, according to Washington-based lender International Finance Corp , reports The Mercury News

"The Philippines was an obvious place for the evolution to occur, given the huge popularity of text messaging there and the large numbers of people who receive regular remittances from abroad. According to bank data, nearly 8 million Filipinos in more than 100 countries sent nearly $100 billion home over the past 30 years.

NDTV.com reports -
"A Bangalore based company has launched a unique service where a short message service (SMS) will now give you the number of the nearest taxi service." "We would like to support by providing information as to how you can get transport and that facilitation is important when people tend to enjoy in this festive mood," said Vijay Rekhi, President and MD, United Spirits.
Itnewsonline.com reports -
Reliance Communications Ltd. has launched the 'Free Group Term Life Cover' (TLC) offer for the more than 25 million CDMA subscribers of Reliance Mobile and Reliance Hello. The scheme offers Reliance Communications' customers an insurance cover of up to Rs. 50,000 merely through an SMS without paying any premium.

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