Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome Tested

I have been testing Google Chrome for last 6 hours now. Here is a short review. Overall I don’t find anything overwhelmingly amazing that would make me WOW! The Omnibox is cool, but I feel that it makes a marginal enhancement in my browsing experience. The most important thing I noticed is that – Chrome is slow; it’s slower than FireFox. I have to admit that I am so used to Firebug, that I almost view the Net-element of Firebug every few minutes, I find such a functionality missing in Chrome. I like the Chrome->Developer->Debug Javascript, but it has marginal stuff that I need. Also, check this – in Chrome, click on Developer menu, and try to shift-Windows-tabs (by alt-tab), that doesn’t work. Why has Chrome disabled my Windows-alt-tab switch? Web site seem to work normally, rendering and JavaScript seems to be working fine.

I feel that Javascript execution is very very fast. I tested a page where FF normally give a Javascript-timeout (stop, continue …), Google Chrome ran just fine and delivered me the Javascript rendering in less time than expected. I will therefore need to do more Javascript testing on Chrome.

Though I am a little concerned about the vulnerability discussed here.

More later.

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