Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Microsoft Planning Ad-Supported Model For Office 14? reported:

An ad-supported Microsoft Office 14?

That's what Microsoft Business Division Chief Stephen Elop said was coming at a presentation to analysts at the Morgan Stanley Technology conference today.

Here are my questions :-)

Is this the online-version of office? Would Microsoft do contextual analysis of the documents to put the ads on Office 14? If yes - then the content is no longer private; Microsoft would know all the content (maybe a software pirate would care less). If not - how would they put ads, how would they target a user?

Looking at the top 20 countries that have highest piracy rates, I can't think if there can be relevant ads for those geographies. See the list yourself here.



Blogger Nickā„¢ said...

I think that would be great, everyone would win. Microsoft would make money off the ads, any we get to use office for free. And if you want you can buy office without ads. I really hope that they do this. Especially considering that you can download Office at any torrent site.

1:00 PM  
Blogger Mukul Kumar said...

Good idea, however given the sinking eCPM for ads, I am not sure how much money can Microsoft make with these ads. See .

2:03 PM  

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