Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mobile Computing Predictions

10 Things to Look for This Year in Mobile Computing.

Two of very interesting insights:
"6. Mobile Linux will come, but not first from the Access/PalmSource group. There have been a few rumors floating around that Palm (not PalmSource who was bought by Access) has been working on their own version of Linux for a future offering. It is also assumed by this writer that at least one Linux handset will be released by someone other than Motorola in the markets outside of Asian ones. 2006 will be a peak into the mobile Linux future, but the key there will be making sure that whatever Linux distribution is used, it has some standard components that others will be able to take and use. If Linux remains fragmented in the mobile space, all 2006 will be is a flash in the pan for Linux (a point that I think Access/PalmSource is in position to meet, as long as they stay on time -- mid to late 2006).

9. There will be at least one attempt to make a
mini-notebook/large PDA device that docks to become a full-fledged computer.
While this is something that I am personally wanting to see and do with my Treo 650 (as much of what I can do I really do on there), 2006 will see this device not only come out to some fanfare, but that device will see some success in vertical and education markets. The key will be making sure that the device hasn't any compromises as compared to a similarly priced laptop or desktop, and that device and informational security are a large part of the platform. But I do think that this device is well overdue, and we should see at least one, possibly two. OQO has started down this path, hopefully they can continue to push this market further."


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