Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Samsung 7.7 megapixel camera phone with optical zoom - SCH B500

Phoneyworld reports:

"This camera phone is certainly more of a camera
and less of a phone, especially when you see it from
the back. The slider handset which goes by the name of SCH B500
is quite thick to accommodate the camera lens - 18.5 mm
to be precise. The SCH B500 does not simply bank on
the credit of having a 7.7 megapixel camera either;
its a DMB phone so it can receive and allow the user
to view satellite TV as well. Since the phone can take
such high resolution pictures, the user is bound to run
out of storage space sooner or later, a problem easily solved
by getting T-flash (trans flash) memory cards which the
phone supports. The pictures can then be later seen on a
TV screen thanks to the TV out function of the SCH B500.

The large display goes into landscape mode once the camera
is activated. The SCH B500 is expected to be available
to Korean users initially via SK Telecom."

See picture here, also the optical zoom!


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