Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Spam Filtering Statistics from oreilly.com

Tim posted this on O'Reilly Radar:

I thought readers might enjoy this message that O'Reilly sys admin chief Bob Amen just wrote on our internal mailing list:

"Below is a summary of the incoming email to our gateway mail servers for all domains that we accept email for (there are 57 domains). This summary is for the last 7 days: Our mail servers accepted 1,438,909 connections, attempting to deliver 1,677,649 messages. We rejected 1,629,900 messages and accepted only 47,749 messages. That's a ratio of 1:34 accepted to rejected messages! Here is how the message rejections break down:

Link here.

Consider also that this is all done with open source software running on two Linux machines. The MTA is Exim with SpamAssassin used for spam analysis and ClamAV for virus analysis."


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