Saturday, October 28, 2006

E-commerce in India may grow by 95%; to touch Rs 23-billion mark

AlooTechie reports:

Indiatimes has talked with Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO of, Glynn Willet, CEO of, and Mohit Dubey, CEO of on how they perceive the future of internet in India. An excerpt:

MJ: E-commerce in India is set to jump 95 per cent from Rs.11.8 billion to Rs.23 billion in 2006-07 on a whopping Rs.2.18 billion advertisement-spend, a new survey says. This is largely because India's current 38.5 million Internet users will shoot up to 100 million by 2007-08. The convenience, comfort and flexibility of the medium bring in a high degree of stickiness with its users. Also with the robust growth in the telecommunication industry, Internet will definitely continue to boom in the years to come.

7. Could the dearth of content in other Indian languages limit the growth of the number of Internet users in the country?

MJ: Yes, knowledge of English, as a language, has limited the growth of internet in India. Currently the internet usage is dominated by the youth with about 38 million users. Studies say that 13% of the total urban population of 273 million use internet. There is still a huge market to be tapped by internet companies. The primary reason is that close to 190 million people are non-English speaking. On the other side, over 90 percent of the websites in India are in English, obstructing the majority of people from accessing the medium.

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