Thursday, October 26, 2006

With friends like these....(Oracle goes after Red Hat)

Matt Asay reports on

I'm here at Oracle "Open" World, and am a bit shocked by what I'm seeing. Oracle, longtime partner to Red Hat, is rolling out the next phase of its Unbreakable Linux program, designed to kill Red Hat and Novell (whatever Larry Ellison might say to the contrary). With partners like Oracle, who needs competitors?

Maybe this is why Oracle has been aggressively recruiting kernel developers out of Novell. Novell has lost three in the last several months.

I find it difficult to impossible to believe that Red Hat, with more control and insight into the Linux kernel than any other company, can be beaten on providing timely bug fixes.

(Btw, any one else think that Oracle's failed acquisition of JBoss is a big part of this announcement? It would be sad if personal pique could be the motivation for such a big announcement, but I wouldn't count it out.)


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