Monday, November 20, 2006

Mobile Marketing Turns Hi-Tech: Lee Debuts BlueCasting In India

Sahad reports on contentsutra:
BlueCasting is becoming a trend. The latest is that apparel maker Lee is doing promotions via Bluecasting (proximity marketing in a bluetooth environment) in India. The campaign is managed by for Maxus Interaction, the digital media arm of Maxus. It’s conducting bluecasting campaign in Mumbai and Bangalore retail malls to start with. Those customers who own bluetooth-enabled phones will be asked if they want to accept some exclusive Lee content and mobile coupons in a bluecasting zone.
The agency claims that there has been over 28 per cent conversion of people accepting the Lee content and have interacted with the brand (either by downloading wallpaper, collection catalogue and TVC.) There are also contests to get people in.
BlueCasting is a good idea to reach out to a set of people in a particular environment - for instance, a multiplex or a mall. But if the messages are irrelevant and bombarded (like the way telesales happen currently), then that can piss off the customer too.


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Technology for this campaign is supplied by (email:

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Thanks for the comment. I have updated my blog.

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