Saturday, February 10, 2007

Apple the next Microsoft?

VE3OGG writes on Slashdot
"Apple, the penultimate source of cool. The marketers of slick. The next 'evil empire'? While it might sound goofy at first, Rolling Stone magazine is running an article that summarizes some very interesting points that detail how Apple could become the next technology bad guy. Among the reasons given: Apple's call to be rid of DRM (while continuing to use it in iTunes); Apple's perceived arrogance when they warned consumers not to upgrade to Vista, while not rushing to fix the problem themselves; and Apple's seemingly unstoppable market dominance in the form of the iPod. The iPhone featured heavily as well, a product that is months from release but steals the press from more competitive products. What do you think, could Apple eventually take the place of Microsoft?"

I don't think this is true. Apple is doing this right things, and while doing the right things some times you put off other people. The 'iPhone' marketing technique is very common, while it keeps a lot of people salivating for the ultimate communication device, it also sets very high expectations for Apple to deliver. iPod changed the way people live their lives; it has caused human beings to evolve.

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