Friday, July 20, 2007

CodeEazy - solving problems, Simply! - Launching my other blog

Anand and I have been talking about this blog for a while, there was just no time to write about some of our inner feelings about - coding. So today we launched our other blog - CodeEazy.

We have been working on, what many people would call “the most bleeding edge” technology at Komli. To give a little bit of background, we are the founding engineers at Komli. Komli is an early stage startup. Since last November we have been learning some very cool techniques of solving problems. When it comes to building a product, a typical engineering mindset, lots of times gets stuck in technical jargons, technical-coolness and sometimes religious-warfare between different technical solutions, languages etc. While, the most important thing when you are building a product is – to solve a problem. That’s it. You have to solve a problem, apply any technology, apply any language, apply any tool, use two languages or 3 languages – you gotta solve the problem. While, I obviously, am against making code unreadable or un-maintainable, and therefore mixing technologies or languages may be a no-no in some cases, however engineers mostly overdo that, by applying that rule too strictly, therefore loosing focus on – solving the problem; you gotta solve the problem, that’s the most important thing.

We have been solving numerous problems, in a number of areas, and sometimes in very cool ways.

We would use this blog to tell you about some of the cool ways of solving complex problems in simple ways. Some of what we have learnt. Some hard-learnt-lessons. I hope that you will like it.

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