Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gartner states the obvious, yet again

Gartner states the obvious, yet again:

Through TechMeme and 'Business of IT' ...

The good folks over at the Gartner Group have revealed the top 10 technologies that they believe will change the world over the next four years:
  1. Multicore and hybrid processors
  2. Virtualization and fabric computing
  3. Social networks and social software
  4. Cloud computing and cloud/Web platforms
  5. Web mashups
  6. User Interface
  7. Ubiquitous computing
  8. Contextual computing
  9. Augmented reality
  10. Semantics
Give me a break guys. Isn't this obvious.


Anonymous Prakash said...

Yep. Obvious. But when Gartner says it people will pay. Like most other things, who says it matters as much as what is said.

7:31 AM  

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