Thursday, April 03, 2008

Komli to represent eBay India for all their ad sales worldwide

Komli and eBay India have entered into an exclusive partnership whereby Komli will represent eBay India for all their ad sales worldwide. In addition, Komli's ad network optimization technology PubMatic will optimize eBay's unsold ad space for maximization of revenue.

This is very exciting news for a couple of reasons:
1. A global internet giant has chosen to partner with an Indian startup for its superior understanding of online advertising and online advertising technology,
2. This bodes well for the growth of online advertising in India -- large portals, which in the past have not looked at online advertising as a key revenue driver, are starting to do that now.

For details see official news release at - .

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Blogger Akshay Surve said...

Congrats :)

- Akshay

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