Saturday, November 15, 2008

The world’s most super-designed data center

Royal Pingdom reported: The newly opened high-security data center run by one of Sweden’s largest ISPs, located in an old nuclear bunker deep below the bedrock of Stockholm city, sealed off from the world by entrance doors 40 cm thick (almost 16 inches).

Facts about the data center:
  • Originally a nuclear bunker
  • Located in central Stockholm below 30 meters (almost 100 ft) of bedrock
  • Can withstand a hydrogen bomb
  • Houses the Network Operations Center for one of Sweden’s largest ISPs
  • German submarine engines for backup power
  • 1.5 megawatt of cooling for the servers
  • Triple redundancy Internet backbone access
  • Work environment with simulated daylight and greenhouses
Following is one of the photographs, courtsey Royal Pingdom:

Read more here.



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