Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mikz - How different is it from httpd4mobile and mymobilesite?

TechCrunch reports this story today:
Conveneer, a Swedish mobile startup with offices in Lund, Sweden and Palo Alto, California, closed a $4.5 million venture round, led by the Swedish foundation Industrifonden. Broken Arrow Venture Capital also participated. The company previously raised seed money from the founders and Teknoseed. Conveneer is building a mobile platform called Mikz, which will be able to assign a URL to your mobile phone, making the content on your phone accessible on the Web. In essence, it turns each mobile phone  into a Web server. Once your phone has a URL like, other Web applications and services can ingest the data that is locked in your phone, and also your phone can take advantage of common Web APIs. Mikz can pull information off your phone such as your contacts, GPS coordinates, photos, music, ringtones, and other files. It creates a Web interface for your phone.
I haven't gone too deep into how they do it, but I see that httpd4mobile also does something similar. Httpd4mobile is an HTTP mobile server for Java J2ME mobile devices that enables you to access and control various features such as Camera Picture function, Audio Record function, Contact List, SMS Send, File Download, File Upload, etc.

See also mymobilesite that works on Nokia S60 devices, that allows users to create, share and access contacts, calendar appointments, SMS text messages, emails, phone logs, share pictures, etc.

What do you think?


Anonymous Jukka said...

On the surface, Mikz offering looks quite similar to what is offering today, though only for Nokia S60. httpd4mobile is "only" a web server on the phone, Mikz and offer also the needed connectivity part ie. a URL for the phone.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have buy httpd4mobile and is running good of my nokia e71. httpd4mobile is very easy to handle e.g you can build and integrate in your own webside. But It has a own nice embeded webfrontend, too.
Over my free DynDNS URL I connect direct of my phone, without special gateways. The URIs to get function (webcam,gps location, file up/download,send mms and so on) are good described in the manual. In my opinion it's works more as webservice/application-server for your phone instead static webserver.

The different to the other solutions, it's a java (j2me) program and supported almost all mobile platforms. I belief Mikz is only running windows mobile and only supported newer symbian-os phones.

6:22 AM  

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