Monday, January 30, 2006

Skype Ecology ...

Newsweek has the following story posted. It is very interesting to see that just 2 months ago there were less than a few "Skype devices", and now I see close to 200 devices. Amazing.

Skype has published a set of technical instructions that allow phone manufacturers to build the service into their devices—for the first time, phones that work on Skype's inexpensive online network are worth the investment. We tested the newest and coolest of the estimated 200 gadgets that are either on sale now or in development.

Linksys' new Cordless Internet Telephony Kit or CIT200 looks like a normal cordless phone, but the base station plugs into your PC's USB port and communicates with the handset at a distance of up to 164 feet inside a house.

The Skype Wi-Fi phone, coming this March from Netgear, is basically a Skype cell phone. It connects to any wireless network, letting users make Skype calls completely unconnected to a PC or phone line.


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