Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Online file storage and sharing

Informative comparision of online disk storage providers done by Techcrunch:
Over the last year a slew of new services have launched (some are launching in February) with serious web 2.0 features, reasonable pricing (including free unlimited storage) and, in at least one case (OmniDrive), the ability to read/write directly to the file with local applications like Office, on the remote server. This last feature speeds the process of writing to files significantly by skipping the requirement to download the file to the hard drive first.

We looked at a total of thirteen companies. They are: AllMyData,, eSnips, Freepository, (the unfortunately named) GoDaddy, iStorage, Mofile, Mozy, Omnidrive, Openomy, Streamload, Strongspace and Xdrive.

Streamload is the most aggresive on pricing - offering a full 25 GB free to every user.


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