Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Adding Five Million Subscribers Per Month, India Will Become the World's Second Largest Mobile Phone Market by 2008

Datacomm Research reports (on 8th May):

The pace of India's mobile phone market growth is accelerating and the country is on track to surpass Russia and the U.S. in total subscribers. That is one of the conclusions of the updated 86-page report, India's Wireless Market: Model for the Next Phase of Global Wireless Expansion, released today by Datacomm Research Company.

"The number of mobile phone subscribers added each month in India has more than tripled over the past year," said Chetan Sharma, President of Chetan Sharma Consulting and the report's author. "India passed Japan in total subscribers last month. Within the next few weeks, India will break through the 100 million subscriber barrier," he added.

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