Friday, December 01, 2006

Nokia To Do Mobile TV Broadcasting Trials With Doordarshan In 2007

Contentsutra reports:
Nokia plans to do a trial of its mobile television broadcasting in India. The trial, using Nokia’s open standards based digital video broadcast handheld technology (DVB-H), is expected to be done early 2007 in association with state-run Doordarshan, reports Reuters. Nokia has chosen India because it’s the world’s fastest growing mobile market and it also has a significant marketshare in India. In India, other mobile TV technologies are also in the process of being readied for trials. Koreans are pushing T-DMB in India, while Qualcomm is pushing MediaFlo.
Business Standard reports:
The service will be available only on N 92 handsets, though N 92 was a 3G-enabled handset, mobile TV could be watched also on 2G platform. Mobile TV works by receiving a digital TV broadcast signal optimised for mobile devices in much the same way as televisions do at home. Operators and broadcasters, of course, have to put up towers across cities.


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