Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sun's introduction of JavaFX

Slashdot reports, posted by kdawson on Tuesday May 08, @05:24PM:
"Internetnews is reporting on Sun's introduction of JavaFX at JavaOne today. Looks like a combination Applet, Flash, Javascript, and AJAX with a friendly programming interface. Does this really spell the end of AJAX? I sincerely hope so. Nothing built on Javascript will ever achieve the security, cross-platform reliability, and programmatic friendliness that Web 2.0 needs. Proprietary solutions and vendor lock-in are also dead ends. JavaFX has the potential to satisfy this opportunity even better than did Java over a decade ago. Along with AJAX, let's hope JavaFX also puts paid to Microsoft's viral Active-X and JScript, and, more importantly, that it really is a web scripting language that developers can grok."
Well, I don't think so. SUN has a lot of catch up to do. There are thousands of programmers who are coding new AJAX frameworks or enhancing existing AJAX frameworks as we talk.

This only means we will have more fragmentation in this space. If SUN comes up with a really good SDK for JavaFX, that will be cool.

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