Thursday, April 12, 2007

Web 2.0 and Internet as electricity

Allan Leinwand reports on GigaOM a very interesting conversation, something that I have experienced myself:
I was recently meeting with a Web 2.0 company discussing their network infrastructure plans. As I started asking questions about their racks of servers, their storage area network (SAN), their plans for routing, load-balancing and network security, the CTO of the company stopped me and made a bold statement.

He said, “The Internet is like electricity. We plug into it and all of the things that you mention are already there for us. We don’t spend any time at all on network or server infrastructure plans.”

In your opinion, has the Internet reached a level of abstraction similar to electricity? Do you use the infrastructure that is given to you by your local Internet service provider or a specialized hosting facility like Amazon without questioning how it is architected and designed?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Depends... Electricity in which part of India we are talking about.
Anyhow, my take is that those attributes of Web2.0 hosting are really like Electricity in Mumbai or most developed countries, if you spend the moolah, or are smart-enough to go to Amazon. If one sticks to el-cheapo $2/mo. hosting, you get electricity as in my village... make-merry-while-it's-there kinds. :)

- banibrata

11:25 PM  
Blogger Jackline said...

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1:29 PM  

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