Friday, June 13, 2008

Selling a Used Car in India -,, compared

I put my car-ad on (, and Kijiji (

The good news is that I could sell my car in less than 2 weeks after putting the ad, so I am happy.

Here is a short review of the sites: has a very cool interface, trusted site, many cars are sold every hour on .I had a small issue with updating my classified-ad, and their support emailed me within a few hours. That's great support. They charge only Rs. 30 for placing a classified ad. also has a great interface. The best thing I liked about is that whenever there is a new lead, would send me an SMS on my mobile telling me the name and the phone number of the person interested – that comes in extremely handy, since I can call the person immediately, and don’t have to get online to see the person’s mobile number. The second best thing about is that when I started to fill in the expected price of the car, they showed a nice popup suggesting me the resale-value of this car for that year, etc. That was really cool. Though the prices were approximately 20% inflated, so it initially raised my expectations a lot about the resale value. They charged me Rs. 500 for putting the ad. is cool too. Interface is cool; they sent me 2 emails on new leads – the prices were pathetically low. I never visited their web-page to find out. Kijiji hasn’t charged me any money so far for putting the ad. generated the most number of leads (6), followed by (4), followed by (1).

I sold my car last week. Overall, I had a great experience.


Blogger Tufail Khan said...

So finally you sold your car through which portal?

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great comparison. I use kijiji a lot mostly to buy stuff. I also use in Bangalore for good deals.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool post! and thought to post my views too regarding the same. Gaadi also provides the features like SMS to your mobile. It gives the fastest result, I had ever seen & heared for eg. If I need car loans, it gives instant call back from the car finance company may be you can say within half an hour (this feature I have never seen in any of the other site). I just bought maruti alto and its working fine from last 3-4 weeks.
For user who dont know site of Gaadi:

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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