Friday, December 12, 2008

Some fun with Google Hindi translation!

Google translation for Hindi is pretty cool. I test drove it, then I got some ideas, here they are, have fun:

English: Google translation rocks!
Hindi: Google अनुवाद चट्टानों!

English: Google translation is cool!
Hindi: Google अनुवाद ठंडा है!

English: Google translation is a kick-ass product!
Hindi: Google अनुवाद एक लात-गधा उत्पाद है!

English: Google translation is a super awesome product!
Hindi: Google अनुवाद एक सुपर भययोग्य उत्पाद है!

Click here to try more stuff.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I to have something funny please try to translate in google from english to hindi

I am a boy
the translation is
मैं एक लड़के से कर रहा हूँ

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Luanna said...

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11:44 AM  
Anonymous rea said...

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