Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ram Shriram: Things looking bubbly in India

SiliconBeat reports:

Similar to Silicon Valley's boom in the late 1990s, the Indian tech world is in full frenzy.

Ram Shriram, the founding investor in Google, started frequent travel to India last year to look for opportunties. He initially seemed close to Silicon Valley firm Sequoia Capital. But lately, Shriram has cozied up with Sequoia rival Kleiner Perkins.

Venture capital firms and private investors last year poured $2.2 billion into 146 start-ups in India -- compared with $1.7 billion invested in 71 deals in 2004, reports USA Today, citing data from TSJ Media's Venture Intelligence India Roundup, and we're assuming this includes U.S. venture investments into the country too.

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