Tuesday, January 29, 2008

PubMatic Enables Ad Optimization Across Every Ad Network

Palo Alto, Calif. - (January 28, 2008) - PubMatic (www.pubmatic.com), the first and largest ad optimization platform for Web publishers worldwide, today announced the ability to optimize online ads across any and every ad network. Now Web publishers using PubMatic can eliminate the headache of testing and deciding which ad network and layout will maximize their revenues, because PubMatic does it for them.

Currently in beta, PubMatic serves more than 2,000 publishers and more ad networks than any other ad inventory optimization platform.

"PubMatic immediately doubled our ad revenues by recommending the optimal ad network for each and every visit to WinCustomize.com," said Michael Crassweller, Web Site Manager, StarDock. "Since Wincustomize.com serves up nearly 4 million ads per day, PubMatic's ad network optimization has made a big difference to our bottom line."

The PubMatic public beta is open to all Web publishers, regardless of geography or company size. Signing up is simple and free: publishers can visit www.pubmatic.com/signup to get started in minutes.

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