Thursday, November 11, 2010

Does IT outsourcing industry fear cloud computing?

I read a comment this morning from Vivek Wadhwa, regarding adoption of cloud computing. Just thought I will post my comments on that.

Here are my thoughts; I think there are 3 reasons:
  • There is a lot of value (money) in consulting/designing a technical stack, like which servers to buy, which networking equipment etc. All that goes away with a cloud. Cloud gives you all that on demand and on a click
  • There are a lot of supporting technologies such as CDN, load-balancing, DNS etc., that requires a consultation/designing/deals, which all goes away (see CloudFront for example, or EBS load-balancer), so less work for the consultation guy
  • There are peripheral services such as infrastructure management, uptime management etc. That is also taken away by the cloud service providers to a certain degree.
Cloud Computing makes the entire process of acquiring IT services, very easy, “at the click of a button”. And that can take away a few jobs.



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