Tuesday, November 23, 2010

PubMatic Pune Mixer on 26th November

On the 4th anniversary of PubMatic, we are holding a networking event at our Pune office in Baner. Please find the details of the event on the following URL - http://pubmaticmixer.eventbrite.com/ . Register for the event here.

It is the second event of this kind that PubMatic has organized. The previous mixer was a great success (read about it here) and we would be delighted to celebrate this occasion with you.

At the PubMatic Mixer Event we will have an informal discussion on industry trends in the online domain followed by a networking dinner.

Suvir Sujan, our investor and Co-founder at Nexus Venture Partners, will also be at this event. Suvir has been Co-founder and Co-CEO of Baazee.com, which merged with eBay in 2004 to form eBay India.

Register for the event here.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Does IT outsourcing industry fear cloud computing?

I read a comment this morning from Vivek Wadhwa, regarding adoption of cloud computing. Just thought I will post my comments on that.

Here are my thoughts; I think there are 3 reasons:
  • There is a lot of value (money) in consulting/designing a technical stack, like which servers to buy, which networking equipment etc. All that goes away with a cloud. Cloud gives you all that on demand and on a click
  • There are a lot of supporting technologies such as CDN, load-balancing, DNS etc., that requires a consultation/designing/deals, which all goes away (see CloudFront for example, or EBS load-balancer), so less work for the consultation guy
  • There are peripheral services such as infrastructure management, uptime management etc. That is also taken away by the cloud service providers to a certain degree.
Cloud Computing makes the entire process of acquiring IT services, very easy, “at the click of a button”. And that can take away a few jobs.