Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Skype All-Hands: Works really well

I did a "Skype All Hands" this morning. Surprisingly it worked much better than a face to face all-hands, or a teleconference-all-hands. To be specific the problem that I mostly face is - people don't talk, they don't ask questions during such all-hands meetings. In a face to face all-hands meeting, it takes a while before the first guy asks a question, and then the second guy, and many questions come towards the end of the meeting. A Skype all-hands on the other had turned out to very interactive, people asked many questions, they really participated in the meeting. It seems like engineers like typing much more than talking. Well, I love this. As an added advantage - you already have the meeting minutes (cut-and-paste from IM log), and you can do this across the oceans.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MOSSO is good - but where is my SSH and how much memory do you support?

TechCrunch reported - "Hosting provider Rackspace is offering a new cloud computing service through its subsidiary Mosso. The service competes with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), although it doesn’t require any load balancing or other administration. It also competes with Joyent and Media Temple’s Grid Service. Pricing starts at $100 a month for - 50 GB of storage, 500 GB of bandwidth for transferring data and 3 million HTTP requests. From there additional capacity per month costs: $0.50/GB of storage, $0.25/GB of bandwidth and $0.10/1,000 HTTP requests."

All this is good, but where is my ssh? Dude, how will I install my custom built software? How will I manage my Apache expire headers, how will I implement my mod_rewrite rules?

Also, it's not clear how much memory does the $100 get me?

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

3 Steps to Adrenaline High

Here are my 3 steps of getting ‘Adrenaline High’ at 8AM; what are yours?
  1. Pump Iron: 44lb on wrist curls, 105lb on pec-dec, gives me a high that no other drink can

  2. Music: Linkin Park at 88 decibels, so I can’t hear anything else – gives me a high at 9:15AM

  3. Keeping schedule to the minute: My morning schedule runs at a granularity of 1 minute, between 7:55 and 8:09AM there must be at lease a dozen things getting done. Getting things done ‘right’ at the 1-minute-granularity gives me a high (I think it has a name, it’s called ‘urgency syndrome’)

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