Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iPhone is Real…Macworld Keynote Live


Gigaom has an excellent coverage of the Keynote speech at Macworld, and the announcement of iphone. Here is a pointwise excerpt:
  • Dropping Computer from company name, now just APPLE
  • Will try and sell 10 million in 2008. 1% market share in the mobile phone business.
  • Multiyear agreement exclusive with Cingular
  • Shipping exclusively on Cingular in the US
  • Available in June 2007
  • $499 for 4GB model, $599 for 8GB
  • 200 patents for all the inventions in iPhone. Now getting to pricing finally.
  • 5 hours battery life, 16 hours audio playback.
  • Google Maps, search built into the device. Jerry Yang does a cameo too, Yahoo providing free push IMAP email accounts for all iPhone customers.
  • they’ve been working on this for 2.5 years
  • wifi and bluetooth,quadband gsm + edge
  • has random access voicemail
  • runs on osx
  • the thing is one giant screen
  • revolutionary interface. motorola q, black berry, treo, nokia e62 … every program wants its own buttons and controls, but they can’t change… we solved it in computers 20 years ago with bitmap screen and pointing device, mouse. getting rid of all buttons
  • the place is going wild.
  • iPhone is announced. it’s called the iphone
  • 2 billion songs sold on iTunes. 5 million a day

See also this slideshow at flickr.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

A video Pico Projector for cellphones reports:
At the upcoming CES, Microvision will showcase the Pico Projector, a tiny tiny projector capable of projecting a full color notebook-sized screen onto any surface and at any distance, reports OhGizmo. It would be interesting to check its characteristics. The Germany Fraunhofer Institute has been working on a similar device but said it hasn't found yet a way to shrink a red-blue-green video projector into cellphones.

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Fooplot is neat!

Dheera Venkatraman has released Fooplot, a new website that plots any function, and supports Google Maps-style panning around. (from Ajaxian).

I think this is pretty neat. The is cool.

I couldn't plot a circle though, it only plotted a semi-circle. Same with a parabola.

I would love to see the following features:
  • Plot for y = constant, x = constant
  • Chart Save-as
  • Support multiple plots using the URL. Currently it supports only one equation.
  • Upload XML data.

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